Fruit Wine Making Guide, Part One: Equipment and Cleanliness

As we are entering the fruit winemaking season, I wanted to talk about a few things that can make your fruit wine the best that it can be! I’m going to be splitting this topic into a few posts so it isn’t overwhelming. I know many people often turn to making wine due to leftover fruit from canning, or because fruit bushes/trees have an overabundance and the only option is to let it rot or make wine. I hope this guide can help those of you who are interested in the hobby, and give a new perspective to those [...]

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Anniversary Sale!

June 10 we are turning seven, and as always we wanted to show our thanks to you, our loyal customers! It's hard to believe that we have been open for seven years, and we really do owe it to you, especially more recently with your continued support through the pandemic. To be honest, I almost forgot about our annual anniversary sale due to the craziness, but thankfully remembered just in time to show you guys our appreciation in the best way we know how, a 20% off sale! Starting Tuesday, June 9 to 5:00pm Saturday, June 13, *everything in [...]

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For those of you who aren't on our email list, don't follow our Facebook page, or aren't following the news, due to the virus, the state of Pennsylvania was put on lockdown and all non-essential businesses were to close, or at least not be in close contact with customers starting at 8:00pm Thursday, March 19. We have been closed, and only accepting online or phone orders, and placing the complete orders on the back porch of our building for pickup since Friday, March 20. Thank you to everyone who utilized our online store, we really appreciate your continued business! [...]

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Beer Bread!

Hi, I don't know about you, but during this time of unease and time off, I've been trying new recipes. On Facebook, a no rise beer bread recipe was being shared, and since I have flour and warm/room temperature beer on hand that I don't mind using for cooking/baking, I thought this was an easy enough recipe to try. I found this recipe and chose to use one of my 1634 Ale clones, which is a rye beer (if you want a recipe, let me know). The bread was delicious, easy, and definitely something I will make again in [...]

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Avoiding Disaster When Fermenting

Recently, I almost found myself in a bit of a sticky situation, quite literally. A few weeks ago, I had brewed an imperial stout kit, and not twenty four hours later, the airlock was happily bubbling away. I didn’t think much of it, except I was glad that the yeast was doing its job. Well, the yeast was doing too good of a job, and beer started to infiltrate the airlock, which gave me flashbacks to a Belgian beer I had brewed months prior. The airlock of the Belgian beer got clogged, which made it so the carbon dioxide [...]

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