Limited Edition 2022

We are currently taking pre-orders for this year’s limited edition wine kits until 12:00pm Friday, November 11. Please email us to pre-order these kits,

We do not order any for the store, so if you’d like one of these kits, please pre-order one so we get one just for you!

We prefer in store pick-up of these kits.

Our Pre-Order Policy:

Pre-ordered kits are to be picked up and paid for within 30 days of their arrival at our store.

What are Limited Edition Wine Kits?

If you don’t know what limited edition wine kits are, they are top of the line Winexpert kits that are released once a year; Winexpert has been releasing these limited editions for over twenty-five years. Every year has a different line-up of unique, well researched, wine styles and blends from around the world. These styles and blends aren’t available in the permanent Winexpert kit lines, and usually aren’t repeated, so they really are limited edition! One kit is released each month from December to April, and there are always three red wine, and two white wine kits. As always, they make six gallons of wine, and have a higher volume of juice, 14L, compared to Winexpert kits from the Reserve and Classic lines.

This Year’s Lineup!


Please email us if you would like to pre-order one of these kits!

More information for each wine will be coming on our Facebook page, so stay tuned for that!