Homemade Wine Kits

Wine Making Kits Clarion PAImagine the satisfaction of popping the cork on a beautiful bottle of quality wine. Now imagine the satisfaction of doing that, but you know that you made the wine yourself!

Wine has been enjoyed throughout every century and in almost every country on Earth. It’s a sophisticated drink with many complex flavors and aromas. It’s one of the most popular alcoholic drinks available, and with so many varieties to choose from, there’s always a wine to suit the occasion or person. Wine is the perfect companion to food and the ideal alcoholic beverage for parties, celebrations or other social occasions.

With a wine making kit, you can join a great tradition of wine makers. Create your own signature wine and have as much as you like for parties, dinners, special occasions, or when just relaxing at home.

Wine Made Simple

how to make wine at homeMany people think that making wine is a complicated process, but it’s actually pretty simple. People were making it before fancy equipment and technology existed.

Though most people don’t have access to a vineyard, it is still possible to make your own wine. Here at Means Cork & Cap, we supply over 80 different wine ingredient kits. Whether you’re into red or white, dry or sweet, we’ll have a home winemaking kit that perfectly suits your taste buds! If you have ever wondered how to make wine at home, we can help!

Making wine at home may seem like a difficult task at first, but all you need is some basic equipment, a wine ingredient kit and a bit of patience. To make it even easier, we offer wine-making equipment kits to help you get started making wine as soon as possible.

Once you have the equipment set up, it’s just a matter of selecting which wine ingredient kit you want to try first. With so many different styles of wine to offer, deciding what to pick is probably the most difficult part of this whole process!

Our wine making kits come with full instructions on how to use them so once you’ve set everything up and the fermentation process has started, you just have to wait 28- 42 days until you can enjoy your wine.

The amount of wine you produce depends on the wine ingredient kit and also the size of the equipment you purchased. In fact, some of our equipment kits allow you to make up to six gallons (25 to 30 bottles) at a time. That’s more than enough for a good party!

Bottle Your Homemade Wine for Perfect Presentation

Although it’s tempting to drink all your wine at once, there is the option to bottle your wine to save or to give as a gift. To make this easy we sell a range of bottling equipment so you can clean and seal your bottles properly to avoid any bacteria or other nasties contaminating your bottles.

Imagine how impressed your guests would be at a dinner party when you offer them a wine that you’ve made yourself! Or, how about giving bottles of your homemade wine as a thoughtful and unique gift to friends, family, or co-workers?

Benefits of Making Your Own Wine

There are also many other benefits to making your own wine. Because you are overseeing the entire process you know there are no issues with anything in the wine that aren’t supposed to be there, which results in a purer and cleaner wine. This means:

  • Higher quality and better-tasting wine
  • More wine for your dollar
  • Lowest sulphites of any wine ingredient kits

Winemaking is an affordable and enjoyable hobby, especially if you like to drink wine. Much like growing your own vegetables or baking your own cakes, there’s always a sense of pride when you get to consume something you’ve created yourself. Having a hobby such as winemaking is relaxing and is also known to reduce stress. There’s really no downside to making your own wine!

At Means Cork & Cap we’re the experts in wine and beer making since 2007. If you have any questions or want to know more about winemaking and our assortment of wine making kits, you can pop into our store at 246 Main St, Clarion, PA and we’ll be more than happy to talk all things winemaking with you!

If visiting our store isn’t possible, you can always call, Email us, or message us on Facebook with your queries, or visit our online store. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and are eager to share our knowledge with you and get you started on your exciting wine-making journey.