Fruit Wine Without the Mess!

Vintner's Best Fruit Wine Bases   Have you wanted to try making wine out of fruit or grapes that aren't readily available to you, or you don’t want the mess or expense of buying and preparing fruit for a wine? Vintner’s Best Wine Bases may be what you are looking for! Easy to Make These wine bases make five gallons of wine, though you can split it up and make smaller batches; using the 1:4 ratio, it’s one gallon of the base to four gallons of water. These bases are pH balanced and pre-sweetened to ferment to 10% alcohol, [...]

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Limited Edition 2020 Wine Kits

Limited Edition 2020 Pre-Order We are currently taking pre-orders for this year's limited edition wine kits until 12:00pm Friday, November 13. Please email us to pre-order these kits, We do not order any for the store, so if you'd like one of these kits, please pre-order one so we get one just for you! We prefer in store pick-up of these kits. Our Pre-Order Policy: Pre-ordered kits are to be picked up and paid for within 30 days of their arrival at our store.   What are Limited Edition Kits? If you don't know what limited [...]

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New Look, Same Great Kits!

Big News A few months ago, before the world was hit by a pandemic, we received big news about Winexpert, and thought that was going to be the biggest bombshell of the Spring. Compared to the virus, it seems pretty trivial, but big changes have been going on quietly at Winexpert, and they have finally reached our store. A Word from Winexpert Winexpert has completely overhauled each of their wine kit brands with a rebrand. Here is a quote from the brochure we just received, *“As the leaders in craft winemaking, we wanted to elevate the experience, starting from [...]

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New Island Mist Flavor!

A brand new Island Mist kit flavor is being added to the permanent lineup of flavors, Mango Citrus! Mango Citrus is juicy ripe mango complemented with a bright citrus twist of grapefruit, orange, and lemon flavors. Perfectly refreshing, easy-drinking, and sure to become a year-round favorite. This delicious new kit will be arriving in March, just in time to get ready for Summer!

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How to Pair Wine and Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

Of all of the culinary marriages in this world, there are few that have stood the test and time quite like wine and cheese. Simple, rustic, artistic, and sophisticated, all in equal measure. The myriad combinations of wine and cheese can always guarantee a decadent and delicious evening. However, simple as they may be, pairing them correctly can be intimidating for the uninitiated. You don't need to consult a wine and cheese pairing chart to master the ancient practice. Whether you're shopping for vintages or making your own wine, read on to find out what you should know about wine [...]

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