For those of you who aren’t on our email list, don’t follow our Facebook page, or aren’t following the news, due to the virus, the state of Pennsylvania was put on lockdown and all non-essential businesses were to close, or at least not be in close contact with customers starting at 8:00pm Thursday, March 19. We have been closed, and only accepting online or phone orders, and placing the complete orders on the back porch of our building for pickup since Friday, March 20. Thank you to everyone who utilized our online store, we really appreciate your continued business! We also appreciate you being patient with us as we transitioned to fulfilling orders from afar and scheduled times to have orders ready for pick, and all with our main way of communication being through email, or instant messenger on Facebook, rather than over the phone, or face to face. Thankfully, we didn’t have too many hiccups.

With that being said, we are happy to announce that we plan to reopen at our regular time on Tuesday, May 12.

In order to comply with the guidelines for safety, we ask that those who visit the store, please wear a mask and be mindful of keeping an appropriate distance from other customers and Caitlin, she will also be wearing a mask. Ken installed a plexiglass shield (pictured below) in front of the register as a further safety measure. We will regularly be sanitizing high traffic items, such as the door handles, credit card keypad, counter, and pen used for signing receipts. Hand sanitizer will be available at checkout to use after touching the keypad and pen. We will accept checks and cash, as always, if you don’t feel comfortable using the credit card terminal.

Because we haven’t been able to leave the state to get an order, as our wholesaler is in Ohio, we are in desperate need of a restock! So, if you come in this week, please don’t be upset if we don’t have something you need/want. We are hoping to be going for an order on Thursday, or Friday.

We are very excited to reopen, and see everyone in the store, face to face, again!

Ken and Caitlin