Anniversary Sale!

June 10 we are turning seven, and as always we wanted to show our thanks to you, our loyal customers! It's hard to believe that we have been open for seven years, and we really do owe it to you, especially more recently with your continued support through the pandemic. To be honest, I almost forgot about our annual anniversary sale due to the craziness, but thankfully remembered just in time to show you guys our appreciation in the best way we know how, a 20% off sale! Starting Tuesday, June 9 to 5:00pm Saturday, June 13, *everything in [...]

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New Look, Same Great Kits!

Big News A few months ago, before the world was hit by a pandemic, we received big news about Winexpert, and thought that was going to be the biggest bombshell of the Spring. Compared to the virus, it seems pretty trivial, but big changes have been going on quietly at Winexpert, and they have finally reached our store. A Word from Winexpert Winexpert has completely overhauled each of their wine kit brands with a rebrand. Here is a quote from the brochure we just received, *“As the leaders in craft winemaking, we wanted to elevate the experience, starting from [...]

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For those of you who aren't on our email list, don't follow our Facebook page, or aren't following the news, due to the virus, the state of Pennsylvania was put on lockdown and all non-essential businesses were to close, or at least not be in close contact with customers starting at 8:00pm Thursday, March 19. We have been closed, and only accepting online or phone orders, and placing the complete orders on the back porch of our building for pickup since Friday, March 20. Thank you to everyone who utilized our online store, we really appreciate your continued business! [...]

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A tip for those looking to order online and don’t want to pay shipping

Just a tip: if you are checking out on our online store, once you put all of your info in to calculate shipping, there is a pick-up in store option available, but it only shows up once all of your info is in there. Then, you don't have to pay shipping and can just come to our store (or the back porch of our building in these times) to pick up your order.

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One Gallon Brewing Kits!

If you would like to get into the beer brewing hobby, but do not have room for bigger equipment, we have equipment and ingredient kits for one gallon batches! These kits are perfect to brew on your kitchen stove, and the fermenters are small enough to be kept on a counter, or somewhere out of sight. A one gallon batch of beer will give you approximately eleven, twelve ounce bottles, so you won’t have cases upon cases of beer stacking up, and can brew different flavors, more often! We recommend at least a two gallon pot (it [...]

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