If you would like to get into the beer brewing hobby, but do not have room for bigger equipment, we have equipment and ingredient kits for one gallon batches! These kits are perfect to brew on your kitchen stove, and the fermenters are small enough to be kept on a counter, or somewhere out of sight. A one gallon batch of beer will give you approximately eleven, twelve ounce bottles, so you won’t have cases upon cases of beer stacking up, and can brew different flavors, more often!

We recommend at least a two gallon pot (it should be stainless steel because aluminum and hop acids do not mesh well) to boil one gallon batches, that way you have room for a rolling boil! In this video, Ken was brewing a one gallon porter kit on the stove using a five gallon stainless steel pot, so there was plenty of room. Having a five gallon pot also means you can eventually brew a five gallon batch by boiling two and a half gallons and topping it up to five gallons with clean, cool water.

One Gallon Equipment Kit

One gallon equipment kit items!

In a one gallon equipment kit, you get all of the base equipment you need to brew one gallon of beer (or one gallon of anything, equipment is equipment!) A few items in this kit are a two gallon fermenting bucket and lid, one gallon glass jug and plastic drilled cap, three piece airlock, mini auto-siphon and siphon hose with shut off clamp, cleanser, hydrometer and test jar, a hand capper, and other items that make your brewing life easier! I recommend using the bucket as a primary fermenter since there will be more room in case of a vigorous fermentation, and it’s easier to clean since there will be a lot of sediment, if you want to do a secondary fermentation, then use the glass jug as a secondary fermenter; this is usually not a necessary step, unless there are additives in the secondary, but it lets your beer clear. In addition to the kit, you will need a brewing pot, as mentioned under the video above, ingredients, and bottles. The bottles that work best for the capper that come in the kit are pry-off, or no threading.

Ingredient Kits

This is what is in a one gallon Pale Ale ingredient kit!

In addition to equipment, you need something to brew! There are a variety of flavors available in the one gallon ingredient kits, from light to dark, and malty to hoppy. These kits are sixty minute boil kits with extracts and some kits have grains for steeping, which means that most of the fermentable sugar is derived from dry malt extracts, and the grains add color and flavor. These kits also come with hops, yeast, grain bag if there are grains, and priming sugar and caps for bottling. There are instructions which tell you how much water you need, how long to steep the grains if there are any, and there is a brew day schedule that says when in the boil to add the hops, and how long to boil them. It also has primary and secondary fermentation, and bottling instructions. These kits will take about two hours to brew, then seven to ten days to ferment, and fourteen days in the bottle to carbonate. So, if you stay on top of it, you can have carbonated beer in twenty-one days!

These kits are great if you don’t have space for bigger equipment, and they make a great product. I guess you could say they are small, but mighty!